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Keith Rigsby, MD

Keith D. Rigsby, MD


Dr. Keith D. Rigsby is an Internal Medicine Specialist in Ennis, Texas. He graduated with honors from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, College Of Medicine in 2003.

Dr. Rigsby has spent more than 17 years practicing medicine and he’s been working in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding communities.

He has focused on helping the people of his community taking care of their health in a compassionate, mindful and convenient way. Dr. Rigsby is the founder and owner of VIP Healthcare, here at Ennis, TX since 2014 and he’s affiliated with Ennis Regional Medical Center. Also, he is the Medical Director and one of the co-founders of Urgent Plus Care.

Throughout his experience as a physician, Dr. Rigsby has participated with active leadership in various healthcare facilities as a Medical Director, Hospitalist, Vice Chief, Secretary, Treasurer, Associate Director, and Chairman. He was also was recognized by Ennis News as one of its “Top 20-Under 40” and has had many more awards and acknowledgements with Ennis High School Healthcare Pathway, Kaplan University, Methodist Health System Graduate Medical Education and Ennis-Unity.

For Dr. Rigsby health and family are a priority. He’s a loving husband and now the proud father of two children.

Wayne Kemp, FNP

Wayne Kemp, FNP


Wayne Kemp was born and raised in Palmer, TX. In school, he thoroughly enjoyed science. It wasn't a subject that he necessarily had to make himself pay attention to. Ultimately, he feels this is why he went into nursing. 

He graduated from Navarro in 2013 with an Associates in Nursing, Lamar University in 2015 with a Bachelors in Nursing, and finally the University of Texas in Arlington in 2018 with his Masters in Nursing.

He has enjoyed working different specialties in healthcare but his loves are the emergency room and primary care.

He's working in both urgent care and primary care now, and loves the close relationships he's able to build with his patients. He get's to know them on a deeper level which he fells is important.

He's appreciative to his patients for trusting him with their healthcare, and takes take pride in treating each of them as family members. He's grateful that they trust him to care for them.

He grew up in Palmer, TX. His parents, Lemuel and Angie, and his two younger siblings Arielle and Dustin had a lot of fun growing up and seemed to always be traveling. They continue to be a close knit family who loves each other no matter what.

Growing up, he loved to play baseball and traveled all over the US going to tournaments and games. He still enjoys baseball these days and will pop in from time to time on Sundays to play with a group of guys in Dallas.

These days Wayne stay busy with his daughter Breanna, their three dogs (Bernie, Bella, and Chico), and their cat (Marley). He's currently helping his brother coach his nephew's baseball team. "And in my spare time, I'm working on my mediocre golf game", says Wayne.

"My life is good. I am truly blessed and am so thankful for the community that I get to call my home"